Resident Evil: Retribution


Action / Horror / Sci-fi / thiller


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Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich
Sienna Guillory
Michelle Rodriguez
Aryana Engineer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nwsts 5 / 10

A 2 hour video game cut scene

Not sure if this movie is only for videogamers, but I can't see anyone else caring to sit through it. The movie made it quite clear, early on, that there would be no complicated plot lines or character development. And the dialogue was equally simplistic. The lines sounded something like this - go to the 3rd mountain and collect 20 coins and 3 golden power boosters. One quickly sensed this was not a movie at all, rather a simple video game cut scene. Also problematical were the incredibly goofy scenes with thousands of bullets aimed point blank at the heroes and all of them missing. It just takes all of the fun out of a movie when there is absolutely no sense of danger to the heroes. On the plus side, the action sequences were very well shot and the cgi was first class. That said, it just wasn't enough to make this reviewer glad to be sitting in the audience

Reviewed by chanakya-dwivedi 3 / 10

It is not even close to what you will be expecting!!

I was eagerly looking forward to the 5th installment of this series and I am sorry to say that I have been really let down! Apart from the once in a while visuals, the movie has not been able to get even close to expectations. The first 10 minutes of the movie and you will start feeling disconnected from the movie already not caring at all what is gonna happen in the next scene. After resident evil 3 & 4, I was expecting a lot out of this installment and from Paul W.S. Anderson but he has not been able to live up the mark at all. The action scenes rather than being nail-biting, turned out to be hilarious and funny. There isn't a single moment in the movie where you are actually glued to screen. Milla Jovovich looks pretty as always, but that won't save the movie. All others have done a horrible job with their acting, especially Sienna Guillory. I would say that the only reason you would want to watch this movie is if you are a fan of the resident evil series and you don't mind wasting your money and time for the sake of this series.

Reviewed by (imdb020-643-129772) 2 / 10

It was different…

Well… this movie is like a game. Watching this movie is like watching a kid playing one level of video game. But you're watching this during 1.5 hours. During first 15 minutes of the movie I had only one thought in my mind: "what a hell is this?" There is no plot, no catchy story like in previous parts. Here you have several blocks and a lot of stupid shooting and fighting without a hint to be a bit realistic. The final fight is like a raping of your mind - too much FX's, too less reality and common sense, it's against everything good in the world. Actors are great. After a deadly injury a character doesn't show any sight of the pain except in his words. Dialogs in the movie are fantastic… If you'll write down all the lines of all characters, you'll hardly fill 1.5 pages A4 size. Watching this movie a felt like I'm fooled - creators didn't want to work to make it interesting, they used CGI+FX+fighting+shooting without everything else that makes movie worthwhile, and sold it to me using a bright wrap. People were leaving the movie theatre in the middle of this picture. Hope next movie will be much better.

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